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Unpublished Post Ideas

I have many ideas.  I post once a week.  Therefore I need to pick one of these ideas to use for a post.

The problem is, I am not 2DT.  I cannot turn an idea like “sex hair” or “deep penetration” or whatever sex topic he’s talking about these days into a full-fledged post that’s interesting to read and fun to write.  So while it may seem like I just need to roll a dice and randomly pick one of my drafts to complete and publish, LIFE AIN’T THAT EASY FOR ME.

And life has been so hard for me recently (what with going to Hawaii and all) that I haven’t had an open Saturday to muck around on the Internet and eventually pick something to write about at 1 am.  So I decided, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I just wrote ALL OF THEM?”  And thus this post was born. [1]

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Anime Vacation Spots

By the time you read this, I will no longer be here.

In a week and a half from now (from when I am writing this), I will be in Hawaii, and I have just left yesterday (according to when this has been published).

To commemorate my nearly-week-long vacation, I’ll be talking about vacation spots in anime.  Nothing specific, mind you.  I don’t have the memory banks to store any specifics.  My brain is an old model, and it has a RAM of 128 megabytes.  I don’t want to save something so useless as anime vacation spots to my hard drive.  I should carry around an external brain.  I hear they make them with dozens of gigabytes now.

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Naruto Shippuuden 221

I wrote this introduction paragraph before I watched the episode, so I don't have any Naruto pictures yet. Instead, here's the frog prince.

In my journey in the anime world and fandom, I have come to the realization that “first episode impressions” are about as impressive as “random episode impressions.”  People are getting dumber and dumber these days and assume that a “three episode test” – that is, watching the first three episodes of a show to determine if it’s good – works wonders.  Some even believe that a three episode test isn’t enough, and that we need more and more episodes to watch before we can determine if an anime is truly good.

Eventually, we’ll reach the point where everybody agrees that watching an entire anime isn’t enough to determine if it’s good.  You’d have to write episodics analyzing every last detail of each episode before you can scratch the surface of such a holy and radiant anime.

But enough of that!  What I wanted to do was watch a random episode of a random show and see if forcing a “in media res” would tell me anything about the show in question.

I also just wanted to watch Naruto.

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The Readers Have Spoken!

Or so I’d like to think.  I hear audience-based material is all the rage nowadays, so I figured I would make a runaway blockbuster post as well.  I believe the phrase here is “by you, for you, and quite unlike what you’d’ve ever expected.”

In retrospect, this in no way reflects the opinions of my readers.  I doubt most of the people who I know on formspring read my blog.

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I was taking beam profiles at work on Monday when suddenly, I just had to watch the new opening of Nichijou.  When I looked it up just now, I watched it six times before I could tear myself away from Youtube.  That makes fifteen views today.

I managed to get through my entire Nichijou screenshot folder while looking for a header picture.  I can vividly remember each scene/screenshot and I burst out laughing several times.

But enough of how much I like Nichijou.  On to something more interesting: how much I LOVE Nichijou.

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Extra [short] Post: Epic Win Anime Blog

…has been on hiatus for a whole year.

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