Unpublished Post Ideas

I have many ideas.  I post once a week.  Therefore I need to pick one of these ideas to use for a post.

The problem is, I am not 2DT.  I cannot turn an idea like “sex hair” or “deep penetration” or whatever sex topic he’s talking about these days into a full-fledged post that’s interesting to read and fun to write.  So while it may seem like I just need to roll a dice and randomly pick one of my drafts to complete and publish, LIFE AIN’T THAT EASY FOR ME.

And life has been so hard for me recently (what with going to Hawaii and all) that I haven’t had an open Saturday to muck around on the Internet and eventually pick something to write about at 1 am.  So I decided, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I just wrote ALL OF THEM?”  And thus this post was born. [1]

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Team Fortress 2

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