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Unpublished Post Ideas

I have many ideas.  I post once a week.  Therefore I need to pick one of these ideas to use for a post.

The problem is, I am not 2DT.  I cannot turn an idea like “sex hair” or “deep penetration” or whatever sex topic he’s talking about these days into a full-fledged post that’s interesting to read and fun to write.  So while it may seem like I just need to roll a dice and randomly pick one of my drafts to complete and publish, LIFE AIN’T THAT EASY FOR ME.

And life has been so hard for me recently (what with going to Hawaii and all) that I haven’t had an open Saturday to muck around on the Internet and eventually pick something to write about at 1 am.  So I decided, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I just wrote ALL OF THEM?”  And thus this post was born. [1]

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The Readers Have Spoken!

Or so I’d like to think.  I hear audience-based material is all the rage nowadays, so I figured I would make a runaway blockbuster post as well.  I believe the phrase here is “by you, for you, and quite unlike what you’d’ve ever expected.”

In retrospect, this in no way reflects the opinions of my readers.  I doubt most of the people who I know on formspring read my blog.

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Extra [short] Post: Epic Win Anime Blog

…has been on hiatus for a whole year.

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International Saimoe League 2011: Amethyst Period Round 3

Today, I’m going to look at the most recent results of ISML (at the time of me writing this post) and deduce what kind of people are actually participating.  From there, I will go on to predict how badly Tenshi/Kanade will lose to Mikoto Misaka in the finals this year (in hundreds of thousands of votes). Read the rest of this entry »

Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity?’s 300 Milestone Grand Ceremony blah blah

This post is also known as “a rather weak excuse to make a list post” because every aniblogger knows how easy it is to make list posts. Over at Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity?, Valence and co. were celebrating something really trivial and unimportant that I didn’t care about.  And in this moment in their insignificant lives, all three of the authors decided to name Madoka Magica as their choice for “Best Execution.”  I wrote a little bit on Madoka last week, but if you didn’t care about that long post (I know I didn’t), here’s the short version: Madoka Magica doesn’t deserve best execution.  I don’t even think it deserves any execution.  Come to think of it, there weren’t even any executions in the show.  So in my blind rage at this defiant act against all that is just and holy in the aniblogosphere, I decided to make this post.


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What I learned from watching Shiki

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